“What God asks of us is a will which is no longer divided between him and any creature.  It is a will pliant in his hands which neither seeks nor rejects anything, which wants without reserve whatever he wants, and which never wants under any pretext anything which he does not want.”

“What folly to fear to be too entirely God’s!  It is to fear to be too happy.  It is to fear to love God’s will in all things.  It is to fear to have too much courage in the crosses which are inevitable, too much comfort in God’s love, and too much detachment from the passions which make us miserable.”

“How dangerous it is for our salvation, how unworthy of God and of ourselves, how pernicious even for the peace of our hearts, to want always to stay where we are!”

“All is not too much for God.”

–François Fénelon (1651-1715)