This past weekend we stopped in Paris for a couple of days of “decompression” between the goodbyes of Togo and the hellos of Singapore, where we arrived last night. The trip was quite tiring for the boys, but God answered our prayers with beautiful weather in spite of the meteorologists’ predictions of showers and thunderstorms. We didn’t buy any souvenirs, but we took lots of pictures — here are a few of the more interesting ones.

Jeremy was fascinated by this man who had the birds outside the Louvre eating out of his hand. (Notice the bird hovering above Jeremy’s shoulder.)
The boys, tired from three days of walking, enjoyed seeing the sights from the comfort of the river boat.

What man made for God (Notre Dame) and what God made for man. Who do you think did a better job?

Maureen was particularly happy that Paris was in bloom.

Maureen took on the Paris traffic to take this photo from the middle of the Champs-Elysee.

Friends, Romans, countrymen … Jonathan imitates Mark Anthony in the Louvre.

One tuckered out boy and his dad.