It’s been a long time since I last posted a blog. These past months seem to have passed by in a whirl. As I write this, I have been in Singapore a week now. We will be spending a total of 3 weeks here visiting with my family before going to the States.  It wasn’t too long ago when we were just planning our departure from Togo after almost 13 years in West Africa.

At this stage of my life, I feel like what Sarah might have felt when she was informed by Abraham that God had asked him to leave his home and go to a country where God would show him. She left with Abraham, not knowing where they were going.

Like Sarah, I am now embarking on a journey to an unknown destination, not knowing where I will end up in but knowing my rightful place is beside Anthony and my kids. We feet that God is calling us to go back to the States but where to, is still a mystery. This journey will be a testing of our faith. It is difficult not knowing what we will be doing (job/ministry) and where we will be going to settle with the added fact that I have not lived in the States before except for the few months that we were on furloughs.

Even though I have moments when I am anxious about the future, I am reassured by God’s faithfulness and goodness all these years. He called me to Ghana, (then Benin and Togo) and provided me with the love of my life and 2 beautiful boys. He has seen us though all the numerous bouts of malaria and other illnesses. He has provided us with all we need, friends and families who love us and encourage us, a wonderful team to work with. He has shown His faithfulness and love for us, moreso over these past months, as we packed up “our life” in Togo and left for Singapore. There were many moments of anxiety as we packed our stuff to be shipped back to the States, wondering whether it would all fit in the container (we shared a container with 2 other families), and yet we ended up with more room to spare. The clearing up of the house and getting rid of stuff that we had accumulated all these years added to my anxiety level and yet it was accomplished without too much of a hassle. I was anxious about our luggage as we left Togo since they were somewhat a little over the weight limit. (We were allowed 2 pieces of luggage each from Togo to Paris but only one piece each from Paris to Singapore, so I was limited as to what I could bring with us) and yet there was never a problem with our luggage. We were to spend 2 nights in Paris and the weather reports for our time there were showers and thunderstorms, but yet we had 3 wonderful days of beautiful weather and sightseeing. I was concerned about Jonathan as he had proved to be a handful on long flights and yet he slept through most of the flights. In all these blessings, I have been reminded of God’s love and answers to our prayers.

These may seem trivial to many, but they have reminded me that our God cares for us in our ordinary, everyday events and He is definitely interested and care for us in our future.

Join me in praising our God, the Almighty, who holds our future in His hand. May His Name be forever praised and glorified.