This week I took the boys back for an encore visit to the Singapore Science Center, which is their favorite place to go here. In addition to serious science, the Center also has a lot of fun things to look at and do. Though it may appear that I got upset with the boys, chopped off their heads, and served them on a platter, rest assured that they are fine.

This chair lift at Sentosa island felt much riskier to me, but the boys loved it!

Yesterday we saw much of Singapore from two different perspective–up high and down low.

We usually get around Singapore on the MRT–a train system that encircles the island and is good for getting to most places. There is also an extensive bus network, but usually we just take it for connecting to the MRT. Yesterday, however, we opted to take the bus for a cross-island trip which took about an hour. It was a nice, relaxed ride that took us through parts of town that we seldom see. Without going into a lot of details, the return trip took almost two hours, on a longer route in rush hour traffic. Because we got on early, we had seats, unlike most of the other passengers who stood for the entire ride. After the morning ride, I was thinking about how it can be better travel when we slow down, make more stops, and see something different. By the time we got home last night, I was ready to get back on the fast track. I guess there are times for a slow pace, and times when we need to pick it up a little.

For a higher perspective, we took both the chair lift on Sentosa island, plus the much higher cable car across Singapore’s harbor. (All of this was courtesy of a friend who gave us the tickets!) I found the lower chair lift scarrier because there was much less protection. The kids were oblivious to the danger and enjoyed it much more. Ignorant bliss or childlike trust?