Yesterday was a big day around our place–Jonathan’s 5th birthday. Unlike Jeremy’s birth, I wasn’t around when Jonathan was born; I did not even know that he existed until exactly one month after the date. From what we’ve heard, his birth was even a surprise to his birth family. Though they were not expecting his arrival, they began searching for whatever life would hold the most hope for this new surprise gift. Unselfishly, they choose adoption, and we are so glad that they did. We thankful for the folks at Agape who helped them choose our family as the receivers of this precious gift.

We started celebrating his birthday over a week early with a gathering at my parents’ to celebrate all of the August birthdays in our family. Sunday night we shared birthday cupcakes with our CORE group from church, Monday morning Jonathan had our tradition birthday breakfast of custom-made pancakes (in keeping with his usual well balanced diet, he also had pancakes for lunch and dinner), and we went and played arcade games that evening, using up our reserve of Chucky Cheese tokens. I offered him cup cakes and ice cream when we got back home but he said, “No, thanks, I’ll just have my chocolate milk.” Chocolate milk in a sippy cup is still Jonathan’s ultimate comfort food.

Here are some photos of Jonathan’s various celebrations.