Old missionaries never die, they just  ……. (you fill in the blank).

What do missionaries do when they leave “the field,” and how does it go for them?  How can returning missionaries make a successful transition to some kind of career in the U.S.?

These are some of the questions that I’ve had recently and a D.Min. course requirement has inspired me to do a survey of returned Church of Christ missionaries and how their career transitions went when they returned to their “home” country.

Working for email addresses made available by Missions Resource Network, I sent out about 125 invitations to participate in the survey.  If you have served overseas for at least one year and are now living in the States, and if you did not receive a personal invitation to participate, you can still do so.

Click here to participate in the Returned Missionary Career Transitions survey.

Speaking of old missionaries, I hope to see a few in Abilene next week.  I just printed out our boarding passes for our flight tonight.  We will be in the area this weekend and I’ll be staying until Thursday for the ACU lectures.  If you’re in town, drop me a comment or give me a call at 256-226-0445.