While I seem to be having more and more trouble finding the time and energy to post, I have more and more friends who are getting in on the blogging action.  A number of these are Togo missionaries who are excited about getting a decent internet connection—although, according to Murphy’s latest post, it’s only working when the electricity goes out!

In an effort to organize my side bar, I’ve divided my blog roll into four categories.  Maureen’s blog—which hopefully will be resurrected once we get moved and she has a computer and an internet connection at home—is in a category of its own, just as she is.  Next you’ll find “Cyberfriends.”  These are people I know mainly through the internet, but whose cyber-fellowship I value.  Then you’ll see a group who are “On the Front Lines.”  These are people who are actively serving in front line mission situations, both at home and abroad.  You’ll see quite a few new listings there.  Finally, I’ve made a group of friends with whom I go way back, several of whom are are former missionaries.