A couple of nights ago Maureen and I were scolding ourselves for not spending enough time with Jeremy and Jonathan in the midst of all of the transitions that we’ve been going through lately.   Somehow, some kind of message, however, is getting through.

Last night we had met with a small group from church to sing at the Bluebonnet Nursing Home.  A few people gather there to sing for thirty minutes or so on the first and third Wednesdays of each month.  I think it’s great for us and for our children to be a part of this.

When we arrived at the nursing home last night, we were informed that another group would be coming in soon to sing Christmas carols.  This was no problem, and as the large group of young people arrived, we simply joined forces.  As they were leaving, the group’s leader introduced himself to me.  It seems that, in addition to working with the young people at the First Baptist Church, Kyle Bartell also teaches music at Jeremy’s school.  His comment made me proud.  He said, “I’ve met your son.  He told me that ya’ll came to Albany because God sent you here.  I think that’s great!”

In Africa we were always concerned that our children know why we were there, and that they know and feel that they were just as much a part of the mission effort as we were.  Here in Albany, we are still being led by God and are still very much a part of his mission. I’m thankful that Jeremy continues to see our family’s presence here in that light.