I’m a little late getting Christmas pictures posted, and I realize that these may only be of interest to a small group, but these are some folks that are important to me.

Before that, the big news today is that Maureen has posted! Let’s hold her to that New Year’s resolution.

Me and my boys on Christmas morning

The greatest parents in the world!

Games are always going on around the Parker house. Usually, with my parents, its Rummy, UpWords, or Boggle. Here Maureen is playing Cranium with my sister Carla and her daughter Abby.

Music is always important. This year we discovered the musical talents of my newest brother-in-law, Tony Myrick. He has written some great songs that we think are professional quality. Left to right are Derrick Munson (a foster brother), Tony, my dad (Alton), Jeremy, and my sister Carla.

Jonathanloves to play the guitar with Pawpaw (he’s the elf) and this year he got his own!

Here are Maureen and Jonathan with of my nieces (Emma Grace and Abby), my nephew Drew, and his girlfriend Amanda.

More young ‘uns. My sister Ramona’s sons, Wesley and Ethan, with Carla’s daughter Ella.

Jonathan did a great job of playing with Emma Grace on this trip. She loves to follow him around and when he’s not in sight she’s always asking, “Where’s Jon Jon?”

Somehow I missed out on getting pictures of my older sister Ramona and her husband Ken. I have one of my youngest sister Bridgette but she is very pregnant and probably would not appreciate my posting it!