It is hard to imagine being persecuted and blamed for the death of your own daughter whom you love and whose death is not your fault. But this is situation of our dear sister, Ablavino, in Tabligbo, Togo.  We received the sad news that Ablavi, Ablavino’s daughter, died and she was persecuted and blamed by her husband and family for her daughter’s death. The reason is because Ablavino is the only Christian in her family of voodoo worshippers.

I plead with you to mourn with Ablivino and pray for her that God’s Spirit be with her and that He will bless her with His strength to go through this time of bereavement. This sister has gone through a lot for her faith and she is being tested yet again. It was reported that when some Christians went to visit, pray and encourage her, she responded with tears in her eyes, "I will receive everything that God gives with thanksgiving."  Praise God for her faith.  What a great encouragement! May God give us the faith and strength to walk with Him through this life whatever life brings our way!