One day, last week, I went walking with Jeremy and Jonathan just to become familiar with the route to Jeremy’s school. Our first few weeks in Albany, Jeremy took the school bus to school, but since we need the exercise we decided that we would walk to school in the morning and he will only take the school bus back after school.

There are a few roads that lead to his school and they are pretty close to one another. The road we live on is one of them.  It’s a pretty straight shot to his school though the road curves a bit. It’s about 0.8 miles with quite a lot of intersections. We started off that day, but at the 2nd intersection, I decided to take a left turn and go on the next road thinking that it would be a shorter way to his school since we would avoid the curves in the road. We walked and walked and thought that we should be near the school but it was still not in sight. Jonathan suggested that we might be lost. I was pretty sure that we would soon see the school so continued walking. Somehow, as we crossed the various intersections, instead of staying on the one road, we had walked to another road without realizing it. I must admit that I was a little unfamiliar with where we were though I know that we would not be too far off. (Albany is a small town). Since we had made a left turn along the way, I realized that we had to turn and veered right when we came to the next intersection. Anyway, we finally saw the school. We were a couple of streets off where I thought we were supposed to be! It took us 45 minutes to walk to the school instead of the 20 minutes that it would have if we had gone on that “straight” road.

The experience reminded me of our Christian life. Jesus is the Way and if we live our lives guided by Him, we will reach our destination, our eternal abode with God. But if we decide to wander off and look for our own ways, we may get “lost” and not find our way.  I am so glad that we have a choice to change our ways when we realize our mistake. Praise God for His patience with us.