Since moving the Clay Pot Journal to our church web site, we’ve been missing having a place to post more personal and family news and thoughts. We’ve finally started this new family site, and we’re excited to start posting. There’s a lot to learn, even though I’ve been using WordPress for a little while.

I’ve been able to import my posts from my old Blogger site as well as from Maureen’s Musings to this new site. (If you go to the old site, please forgive the fact that, in the transfer, Blogger now thinks that I am Maureen.)  Any new musings from Maureen will be posted here.

Now let me see if I can post a picture…

Cowboy Jeremy

Looks like it might have worked. Jeremy, who turns 9 years old tomorrow (May 4), did a great job in the school Texas Musical on Tuesday night. We were very proud of him. BTW, the father of this household celebrated the twenty-sixty anniversary of his twentieth birthday on Wednesday.

Oh, whence the name, The Journey Home?, you must be wondering. It seems that we’re often heading home to somewhere — whether it was home to Africa, home to Singapore, home to Alabama, or home to Texas. Larry Wolfe’s 1974 hymn, “God’s Family,” (beloved hymn of the late, great Floyd Naylor), has been sort of a family theme song through our many family transitions. Even though we’re becoming more settled in Albany, I hope we never lose our sense of being a family on its way home. To borrow Wolfe’s words…

Sometimes we laugh together, sometimes we cry; sometimes we share together, heartaches and sighs; Sometimes we dream together of how it will be When we all get to Heaven, God’s family.