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Stage Coach in Ft Griffin

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We attended opening night of the show and were very impressed by all the talent in our little town.  The scene below shows a stage coach arriving in the town of Fort Griffin — a true wild West town — which was the precursor to Albany.


OK, now I’m on a roll. This is Fandangle time in Albany and there are lots of extra activities going on. Any time of year, we are blessed to have the Old Jail Art Center, and tonight they hosted an exhibition called “Harmony in Stone,” featuring the works of Jesus Moroles, 2007 winner of the Texas Medal for the Arts. Moroles himself was on hand, and the kids got to join him in “playing” some of his sculptures. His primary medium is granite and he “tore” a piece of granite for us as he played it. He also does some amazing work in paper, creating amazing 3-D photographs from images of granite. I discovered that his largest sculpture is the 1991 Houston Police Officer’s Memorial.

The video below begins with Jeremy (sometimes looking lost) “playing” one of the sculptures as Moroles helps out.

This is my first attempt to post a video on any site — Let’s see if it works. I took this with my camera at the Parker Pig Out family reunion. It shows my dad, Alton, on guitar playing with his lifelong friend Jerry Reed Clemmons. Vance Henry of the bluegrass group Iron Horse is on Mandolin.

It’s been a month since my last post, so I thought I’d better write something.  Since that last post …

  • school has ended and the boys are home;
  • we’ve torn out a wall and all our kitchen cabinets — hope to get new cabinets this week;
  • most of our house has been re-plumbed, but right now our household water supply includes two toilets, one bathroom sink, one shower, and 3 outdoor faucets;
  • we’re also re-wiring our kitchen, moved our laundry room, and are preparing our old laundry to be an office;
  • we’ve hosted Jana Treadway, a Memorial Day gathering of old missionaries, and the Alan Henderson family–all without a kitchen;
  • we’ve had VBS at church (see our church web site for pictures);
  • we made a 10 day trip to Alabama for the world famous Parker Pig Out family reunion.  Also on that trip we visited Homewood for the first time since moving to Texas, and we all met Jonathan’s birth mother (“tummy mummy” in his terms) along with some of her family for the first time;
  • had a fender bender accident when we were almost home — I’ve got to start dealing with insurance tomorrow!

I’m sure there’s something I’ve left out, but maybe this will bring you up to date and explain our failure to post lately.  Thanks for checking in!