Selah.  You’ve probably seen the word in the psalms, on the right margin bettween verses.  It’s generally thought to indicate a rest, a pause, or a musical interlude was intended by the author or editor.

Maureen and I had the opportunity to take such a pause last week at the Selah Inn at the Ranch near Mount Vernon, Texas.  We attended a retreat sponsored by the Pastors Retreat Network.  The emphasis was on rest, renewal, and enriching our relationship with God and with each other.  It was truly a wonderful blessing in a wonderful setting. 

The retreat group was small — five couples and a female counselor whose husband was not able to attend because of work, and our facilitator, Betty.  The religious traditions representated were diverse — from charismatic to Episcopal.  Interestingly, the Episcopal priest grew up in a Pentecostal church, so there was some very good-hearted and fun intereaction.  Among the five couples, two of the women were pastors.  We had many differences, but much more in common — especially the need to rest.  I was also somewhat intrigued by the fact that, on the evening that we gathered for informal worship, the music began as contemporary instrumental, but moved quickly and naturally to a capella hymns, which seemed to form a uniting thread through the traditions.

Furnishing at the Inn were, to say the least, a notch above what we’re used to, but there was also a homey, comfortable feeling.  I was reminded by the lavishness and extravagance of God’s grace (especially since the retreat was a gift provided by PRN, and was offered freely, like God’s grace, to us). 

Banquet Table

I was reminded of the old youth group song, derived from Song of Solomon 2:4 (albeit slightly out of context), “He invites us in to his banqueting table, and his banner over us is love.”

With all the rain, we didn’t get to do much fishing, and even when we did, we had no luck.  But when do we have a chance to relax like this?

Gone Fishing

But, next to the time with God and with one another, the best thing about the retreat was the new friends we made.  Here’ Maureen with Barbara and Betty.

Maureen, Betty, Barbara

Oh, and did I mention that the week was kid-free?  Jeremy was at camp and Saint Rhonda Wilson kept Jonathan for us.