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Tonight was opening night for the high school football season.  Our Albany Lions defeated the Eastland Mustangs (whose mascot is a bull — go figure) by a score of 36-15.  Pretty much the whole town turned out.  There is a lot of support in Albany for the students.  At the game I ate a Kilie’s Custard, which is locally made and available not only in the ice cream shop, but at lots of local events.  Here is the story behind Kilie’s Kustard — just another reason that Albany is the coolest little town in Texas.

Click here to watch the report from KTAB, an Abilene television station.


Sometimes I (Anthony) feel quite out of the loop when some of my minister friends here in Albany get to talking theology and theologians. Largely because of our restoration heritage, I don’t tend to identify my beliefs with any one theologian or theological movement. (Yep, “Just the Bible, ma’am,” that’s me.) Yet I would be naive to think that I haven’t been influenced by greater and deeper thinkers than myself.

I saw a reference to this quiz that attempts to answer the question “Which theologian are you?”on Mark Connell’s blog I was a little humbled to find out that I’m quite medieval. Here are my results:

You scored as Anselm, Anselm is the outstanding theologian of the medieval period.He sees man’s primary problem as having failed to render unto God what we owe him, so God becomes man in Christ and gives God what he is due. You should read ‘Cur Deus Homo?’

John Calvin
Karl Barth
Charles Finney
Martin Luther
Jürgen Moltmann
Paul Tillich
Friedrich Schleiermacher
Jonathan Edwards

Which theologian are you?
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boys & principal

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The boys got off to their first day of school today. Here they are with their principal, Doyleen Terrell, who was on the sidewalk greeting the students, as usual. Albany schools are the envy of small towns around here; we’ve met several young families who have moved or who want to move here and they always comment about the schools.

Jonathan seemed like a different child (under control) as he waited in the hallway this morning for the bell to ring. Both boys had a good first day.

Birthday Boy

Jonathan’s sixth birthday will be on Tuesday, but we started celebrating early with a party today at home. Tuesday will actually be his 2nd day of kindegarten, so we’ll be supplying all 40 or so kindegartners with cup cakes — just before they go home so they’ll all be wired!

What a blessing Jonathan is to our family and to our lives! He lives life with great intensity. No doubt about it, that can be a challenge as a parent, but we know that it can also be a great character trait if channeled correctly. We expect great things from him. In fact, he is already great!

Maureen worked very hard for the party. Since it was a hot, August day, she choose dual themes of water and ice cream. There was a water slide (thanks Wilsons!) and water bombs, ice cream, a cake that looked like ice cream, and a great ice cream cone piñata. Dad did the shuttle thing today–moving back and forth between the birthday festivities and a funeral I was conducting. (That’s something to comment on — Is it right to let ministry supercede prior family commitments?)

Here are some more pictures from Jonathan’s birthday party.  He choose the “fun house” format for the slide show.  Don’t get too dizzy!

Well, I don’t know how you folks who live in big cities manage, because life in a small town is busy enough! We’ve had a good summer, doing mostly small town things. Only one family trip to the big city to use the boys’ free tickets to Six Flags over Texas. It was a wet, rainy day, but did clear up in the afternoon in time for us to catch a few of the “big” rides. We didn’t really want to do too many. Jeremy did get me to ride the “Superman” with him — one of those huge towers that you go up in a chair facing out — yeah, it’s that thing that the girl got her legs cut off on. It zips you straight up at a jillion miles and hour and then leaves you hanging upteen stories (325 feet — isn’t that over 30 stories?) in the air for several seconds, before you fall back to earth. Jeremy was sure he wanted to do it, but about half way through he was sure he didn’t want to do it again!

This past weekend we got to participate in the Relay for Life, a fundraiser walk-a-thon type event for the American Cancer Society, that seems to be the town charity of Albany. Our church team raised just shy of $4,000 of the $39,000+ raised by the town. It was a hot 100 degree day, but cooled off enough at night in time to have some real fun at the noon ’til midnight event. One of the highlights was the “box car” race. Have a look.