Well, I don’t know how you folks who live in big cities manage, because life in a small town is busy enough! We’ve had a good summer, doing mostly small town things. Only one family trip to the big city to use the boys’ free tickets to Six Flags over Texas. It was a wet, rainy day, but did clear up in the afternoon in time for us to catch a few of the “big” rides. We didn’t really want to do too many. Jeremy did get me to ride the “Superman” with him — one of those huge towers that you go up in a chair facing out — yeah, it’s that thing that the girl got her legs cut off on. It zips you straight up at a jillion miles and hour and then leaves you hanging upteen stories (325 feet — isn’t that over 30 stories?) in the air for several seconds, before you fall back to earth. Jeremy was sure he wanted to do it, but about half way through he was sure he didn’t want to do it again!

This past weekend we got to participate in the Relay for Life, a fundraiser walk-a-thon type event for the American Cancer Society, that seems to be the town charity of Albany. Our church team raised just shy of $4,000 of the $39,000+ raised by the town. It was a hot 100 degree day, but cooled off enough at night in time to have some real fun at the noon ’til midnight event. One of the highlights was the “box car” race. Have a look.