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Caught one

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We have several “favorite people” in Albany, and Robert and Emma Hudman are two of them. Yesterday afternoon they called us see if we wanted to go “down to the river” with them. Not sure exactly what that meant, I had the boys grab their fishing poles, and we rode way back on the Cook Ranch where Robert works as a ranch hand and a hunting guide. Robert has sharp eyes (after having cataracts removed and implants put in) and knows the name of every tree, bush, or weed in Shackleford County.

Robert and I (Anthony) both caught pretty good sized yellow catfish, which we ate tonight together with the Hudmans and the Wilson family. When I say the catfish were “good size,” I guess they were 3-5 lbs each. (In Alabama we ate catfish whenever we could, but even a small catfish plate usually has 2 fish on it. Tonight we fed six adults and four children on these two fish, and we all had as much as we wanted or more than we needed.

After fishing for a while, we drove further down the river and grilled hotdogs, and came back in time to catch the beautiful sunset and quite a few white tail deer.

You can see more photos from the outing on my flickr page.