As you can imagine, communication in our “poster family for diversity” can be a challenge, with all of our varied accents and assumptions. Here’s a recent example.

Our 9 year old, Jeremy, rides a school bus home. Each day his bus drops several children off at a local youth center for an after-school program called “Aspire.” Jeremy had heard something about this and so he had asked Maureen what “aspire” meant. She had him look it up in an online dictionary.

Jeremy still wasn’t sure why the children were getting off the school bus, so he asked his bus driver (who later told me the story) what the children were doing. She simply told him that they were going to Aspire. “What’s Aspire?,” Jeremy asked. “It’s a place where they can go and do their homework, have a snack, and play after school,” she replied. Jeremy responded, “That’s what I told my mom, but she said a spire was a pointed thing on top of a church building.”