The Journey Home is the family web log of Anthony, Maureen, Jeremy, and Jonathan Parker.  We live in the coolest little town in Texas where Anthony serves with the Church of Christ.

Home has been and continues to be a lot of places.  Anthony was born and raised in Alabama, Maureen in Singapore, where Jeremy was born.  The boys spent the first part of their lives living in West Africa.  Jeremy came into our lives through the miracle of birth, Jonathan by the miracle of adoption. 

Maureen is a nurse by training, having worked in Singapore, Scotland, England, and Ghana.  Anthony’s training is in ministry and missions. 

It seems that we’re often heading home to somewhere — whether it was home to Africa, home to Singapore, home to Alabama, or home to Texas. Larry Wolfe’s 1974 hymn, “God’s Family,” (beloved hymn of the late, great Floyd Naylor), has been sort of a family theme song through our many family transitions. Even though we’re becoming more settled in Albany, I hope we never lose our sense of being a family on its way home. To borrow Wolfe’s words…

Sometimes we laugh together, sometimes we cry; sometimes we share together, heartaches and sighs; Sometimes we dream together of how it will be When we all get to Heaven, God’s family.