Family Christmas Photo 2007

Originally uploaded by claypotparker

We tried to take our Christmas photo this morning before going to church. We got good expressions on everyone’s faces, but the picture came out unfocused and too dark. So, finally, tonight, after–morning worship, a pot luck fellowship lunch, baby shower, raking leaves, watching some Harry Potter with Jonathan, small group meeting at the church building, “Bible in 90 Days” meeting in town, small group at our house, boys bathed and ready for bed, remembering we still needed to take the photo, getting everyone dressed again (is there a Sabbath in there somewhere?)–we got this photo about 9:30 p.m. tonight.

We needed to get it tonight because Maureen leaves tomorrow morning to join some Singaporean friends in Albuquerque, and they’ll go see the Grand Canyon from there. We guys will just stay at home and batch it for a week. When Maureen returns, she’ll have Irene, her good friend from Singapore, with her for about a 10 day visit here with us.